Why this Master

In the late ‘90s the legislative framework concerning the sphere of local government was featuring in the direction of a local authority that, in order to face the increasing complexity and heterogeneity of the administrative functions, would necessarily be thought of as true  “company” in the sense of the word assigned to it.

Observing the panorama of Italian advanced training courses dedicated to post-graduate training of professional figures capable of performing transversal functions and organizational coordination of administrative structures, it was easy to see the absolute lack of ad hoc paths to support innovation processes that were affecting the wider public sector.

From here the reason that led some professors of the Faculty of Economics of Forlì to initiate with preliminary planning activities and then launch a Master’s level university dedicated to the theme of City Management.

The main purpose was to create a first pole of training and research that could in time become a constant reference for staff in local government where train and develop those “skills” considered essential to the creation value on the territory. As a result of these preventive and debated ideas comes the explanation of our mission: to know, guide and innovate the public administration. There is therefore a basic need, which is, to “learn”  the complex socio-economic dynamics on the territory in which a given administration is operating, then there is the need to assume a role of “guidance” of the many behaviors made ​​by various social actors gravitating around  the Public Administration and there is finally a great need to introduce virtuous path of innovation finalized to economic development of local and national contexts. Who aims to become proactive partner of these dynamics can not ignore the need to initiate preventive knowledge process, having the ability to guidance behavior and to demonstrate remarkable abilities to change and innovation.