The Staff

daniela sanDANIELA SANGIORGI earned her PhD in Accounting at the Faculty of Economics of University of Pisa in 2011.  Now is a research fellow at the University of Bologna, Department of Management and she is a Tutor of Accounting and Economics of Public Administration and Business Administration at the University of Bologna, School of Economics, Management and Statistic, Forlì Campus.

Her research interests concern strategic planning and sustainability accounting and measurement in public sector organizations. She is author of papers devoted to study the development and the diffusion of strategic planning in Italian Local Government.

In the Master in City Management and in the Higher Education Course in Strategic Planning and Control in Local Government she is the coordinator of e-learning activities and alternative teaching activities. Moreover, she held number seminar devoted to the explanation of the dissemination of strategic planning practices.

Phone. + 39.0543.374634
Skype: daniela.sangiorgi

Cristina_fotoCRISTINA NANTI is the referent for the organization of the Higher Education Course in Strategic Planning and Control in Local Government. She supports the students and the professors throughout the whole educational path taking care their welcoming, preparing and organizing the teaching material and the classrooms.

She monitors the good progress of the course and the lessons.  She answers to students’ questions maintaning the relationship with them during and after the end of the course for all communications and updates about the new possibly developed educational proposals and the future connected events.

Furthermore Cristina, at Strategic Lab, is the referent for the educational activities  and their promoting, she systematically updates the website ( and provides support to the courses’ organization and teaching.

Phone. + 39.0543.4144
Fax. + 39.0543.374153
Skype: cristina.nanti