livia“This Master was a good challenge, the opportunity to clearly open my mind to all things around me. By Study in 360°…about the Public Administration, I can remind some notions and concepts that were out of  my memory, but I can obtain a new series of knowledges that not immediately connect to my work area. I feel full of desire to continue to study in depth this mysterious and complicated, but also fascinating world of public management. From this point of view the Master is not concluded and I hope that it will never end”. Livia Gazzoni, 10th Ed. of Master.

fabio forti“During the Master I found a young and dynamic environment… The thing I enoyed more was the continous exchange of experiences between students and professors, both with a different background but both shared the same awareness: the professional growth is possibile only through the continuos and consistent comparison between the theoretic model and the practice, the experiences…..Thanks to the course I have a new more professional vision about public organization and a new approach to address the issues and the interpersonal relationships…” Fabio Forti, 1st Ed. of Master

testimonianza Daniele“Initially when my supervisor proposed me the Master I hesitated because of my relucatance to economics. The experience, instead, has been very positive and interesting and now I can testify that If I followed my instincts I would have done a big mistake. Thanks to the topics I studied at Master, I easily dealt with the exams of a public competition for executives. In addition the enjoyable classroom climate and environment faciltated the committment of each of us”. Daniele Giulianini, 10th Ed. of Master.

Foto Gaudiano“I am a public works engineer. I partecipated at the edition 2006-2007 , I found a valid and professional environment. I got several elements of Innovation and new approches to the Public Administration. I am grateful to this experience that stimulated me to continue my studies. Indeed I joined to master degree in Economics and Business Administration, curriculum Public Management, at the Faculty of Economics, Forlì Campus and I got the Master Degree at 2010″. Stefano Gaudiano, 5 th Ed. of Master.

sara ricci - Copia“I think that the Master is useful for Public Administration’s operators to improve their knowledge and skills and to gain more effetctive tools to face the complexity of the current scenarios that is rapidly and costantly changing. The courses, the classroom climate and interaction are very stimulating insomuch as I decided to complete my education with the Higher Education course in Strategic Planning and Control in local governments”.  Sara Ricci, II nd Ed. of Master.

Ritengo che la frequenza del Master sia molto utile per chi desidera affinare le proprie conoscenze e competenze e
acquisire strumenti efficaci per affrontare la complessità dello scenario attuale in rapida e costante evoluzione,
in cui anche gli operatori della P.A. devono continuamente aggiornarsi e perfezionarsi.
Ho trovato il contenuto dei corsi, il clima e l’interazione in aula tra partecipanti e docenti molto stimolanti,
tanto che a distanza di 5 anni ho deciso di completare il mio percorso formativo iscrivendomi al Corso di Alta Formazione
in Pianificazione e controllo strategico degli enti locali.