The Master in City Management is a first-level post-graduate course, which admits a maximum of 30 students. This course is reserved to those who already have a first-level or second-level university degree.

Admission depends on a positive decision taken after a written exam, a motivational interview and after consideration of the candidate’s qualifications and degrees.
If the candidate does not possess the required academic qualifications, he/she may participate as a “non-examination student” and will be given a certificate of attendance.


The entrance test consists of a written test and a motivational interview planned in same day.
For this XII year, the date of selection is  2th December 2012, h 11.00.

The recommended literature for the written test is:

For the part dedicated to POLITICAL ECONOMY:
G. Mankiw, Principles of economy.

Students should have an in-depth knowledge of the following topics:
“Market and competition”, “Supply and demand” “Monopoly and oligopoly”

For the part dedicated to BUSINESS ECONOMY:
M. Saita, Economy and business strategy, II edition, Giuffrè Publisher; Chapter II and Chapter IV (par.4.5); Chapter V (par. 5,1, 5,2, 5,4, 5,6, 5,7) that is: L. Marks, Introduction to the Business Economy, V edition, Giappichelli; Chapter I (excluded par. 1,6); Chapter II (excluded par. 2,4); Chapter IV; Chapter X.