Higher Education Course

“Strategic Planning and Control

of Local Government”

XIIth Edition: October 2013 – May 2014


Since the academic year 2004-2005, the Forlì Campus in collaborating the ex Faculty of Economy and Serinar Forlì-Cesena activated an University Higher Education Course completely dedicated to the analysis of processes and tools of strategic planning and control. These course was a absolutely news in the italian context and was born by the idea of the increasing awareness that Loca Public Administration can be organized effectively only with the  start of ongoing processes of strategic reflection leading to the identification and prosecution of predefined paths of development of the local in a period of long-term, usually wider than the normal period of government administration of the city (ie five years).


The course provides the principal interpretations of processes and tools of strategic planning and control of the public administrations, expecially for Local Governments and Subsidiaries. The program is articulated in two parts: the first will outline the characteristics of strategic planning process and analyze the main tools of its. The second study in deep the tools of strategic control to create an efficiency government dashboard. In addition to the topics of strategies and local policies, the course studies the tools of check-up, the principal management techniques of local public services and the principals of social reporting.

Course’s Schedule

The course in articulated in 5 modules for 160 hours of teaching:

Strategic Planning and Control-  Prof. Luca Mazzara
Strategies and policies of local government –  Prof. Leonardo Falduto
Economic and financial analysis of local governement
-  Prof. Andrea Ziruolo
Accountability and social reporting tools -  Prof. Benedetta Siboni
Measuring and assessment of performance – Prof. Luca Mazzara

During the course, participants will engage in critical discussion of some case studies and project work relating to the subject matter of the course.


The course is aimed primarily at directors, city managers, secretaries, executives and managers of service organizations and public companies as well as local consultants directional.


The 12th edition of the course will start in October 2013 and will be developed over a period of six months (deadline for completion scheduled for October), with a concentration of lessons on Friday (morning and afternoon) and Saturday morning, a week alternate. Since this initiative falls within the scope of the offer post-graduate of the University of Bologna, we require a minimum attendance of at least 70% of the total number of hours.

Cost of Registration

The registration fee amount to €  1,800


The registration fee amounts to € 1,800.
University credits (CFU)The registration fee amounts to € 1,800.

University Credits (CFU)

The course is divided into 5 modules, one 8 credits and the other four from 3 university credits each and therefore entitles to 20 credits.


The course is supported by a  e-learning platform, an option that will bring in less than the traditional barrier space-time characteristic of any educational offer made  front-line mode of the traditional type.

Organizational Referents


Director: Prof. Luca Mazzara
Phone. 0543-374679
Fax. 0543-374669
E-mail: luca.mazzara@unibo.it
Skype: luca.mazzara

Course’s Secretariat: Cristina Nanti
Phone. 0543-374144
Fax. 0543-374153
E-mail: cristina.nanti2@unibo.it

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