About us

Some students of V edition of the post-graduate course in City Management (2006-2007), especially by the initiative of Dr. Paola Perini and Dr. Stefano Gaudiano, at 2008, thought to create an Association for the former students.

The aim of the Association is to maintain the contacts among the students and  the Master’s secreteriat after the end of the course, to create a network of the graduates, sharing the experiences, partecipating to the creation of dedicated events and the future events development within the  course in City Mangement.

After the end of 10th edition and the starting of the 11th at March of 2013,  Dr. Paola Perini and Dr. Stefano Gaudiano, (with the collaboration of the Course’s Secreteriat), founded

“City Management Alumni” (Association of graduates of the post-graduate course in “City Management” of Forlì)

logo associazione

The members can:

  • receive updates about new courses and educational events connected the Master in City Management;
  • avail oneself of special benefits for enrollment and partecipation to such events to improve and enrich their education;
  • receive information and support for their possible new enrollments to other course at the University of Bologna, Forlì Campus;
  • collaborate actively, individually or through their organizations, to create and develop educational and research activities and projects at the Master and Higher Education context.